Fantastical Friday: Trucks and Trucklets

It was a strange sight, that truck drowned in overgrown grass. At least cover it up with some dirt, man. If you’ve got enough time to dig up a hole for a truck, what’s stopping you from covering it up? This was my thought process every time I walked down the street on my way to work, wondering at how lazy someone must be to half-bury a truck.

The morning I shouted “holy moly”, I was thinking the same thing passing by. Was this a millennial who had done this, what with their short attention spans?

And then I shouted, “Holy moly!”


Fantastical Friday: A Completely Normal School Report

Our sources say there is nothing in the rulebooks which prohibits us from holding flaming chainsaws to the judges’ necks. We also thanked them and apologised later on for any PTSD they might have from this minor incident, but they only looked at us with shell-shocked eyes. We take it that they received our gratitude well.

Book Opinion: Why Not? ’13 Reasons Why’ Revisited

Sure, it does show that reaching out to others is important, but for people who actually are suicidal, it seems to just tell them to wait for people to reach out. Build more walls, even when you go to a counsellor specifically to get help. Wait for them to read your mind. I know it’s hard to tear down those walls and open up, but it makes it seem impossible.

Fantastical Friday: Chain Mail is Scary… Or is it?


There’s just something unsettling about that. Which is why I was reluctant to open this.