Versatile Blogger Award!

So, I’ve been nominated by this award by Colors of my Life! This is the first award I’ve been nominated for, so thanks so much for the nomination! Rules: Thank the Blogger who nominated you. Nominate 10 other bloggers and inform them about the nomination. List 7 facts about yourself. So, 7 facts huh… Here…… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award!

Sloppy Sunday: Rain and Drunk Cats

It’s Sunday, day of relaxation, and almost on cue it’s rained today after so many sweltering days of heat, and the smell is so refreshing! It was the kind of rain you can only enhoy from the window though – torrential. Still, the weather is pleasant and cloudy, and the smell of the rain is…… Continue reading Sloppy Sunday: Rain and Drunk Cats

Sloppy Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day!

My 9 years old sister had been pestering me for Mother’s Day gift ideas for a while, but I had a different plan in mind. “Why don’t we take over the cooking for one day?”

The day has ended with a very slight burn on my right index finger, a lot of happy faces, and, thankfully, no ashes of a burnt-down house.

Self Love: You are a Rainbow

You, yes you, you are a rainbow, and so am I. You won’t always shine, you won’t always be visible to everyone, but even through the rain you of difficulties you can manage to shine through. It won’t happen every time, but trust me, sometimes it will. Not everyone will be able to see you, but you impact those who will.

And it is those times that matter.

Perfect Frothy Cold Coffee Without a Blender!

Hot coffee makes me sleepy. Remember all the nights before an exam when you chugged coffee all night long to keep you awake? Great, because I don’t! I heard somewhere that there’s a gene that makes caffeine have the opposite effect on some people. I mentioned it to my mother and she laughed in my…… Continue reading Perfect Frothy Cold Coffee Without a Blender!

Hello, Citizens of the Internet!

…Okay, I’m cringing just reading that back to myself. I’m Nash, 17, Indian chick fresh out of school. I’m a voracious reader, although I fell out of the habit due to school stress, but I’m getting back into it and hopefully one day I’ll be able to call myself well-read. Currently, I’m reading One Hundred…… Continue reading Hello, Citizens of the Internet!