Self-Compassion… Or Selective Compassion?

You see, friendship is sympathy and encouragement, and that entails compassion. You can even apply it to that special someone, going by last week’s Self Love theme. Every time a friend or loved one falls, we are there to pick them up and encourage them, so why don’t we do that to ourselves and stop beating ourselves up over every little failure and inability?


The World of Conlangs: Musical Languages and Constancy

Esperanto was supposed to be a universal second language, uniting people all over the world with it’s simple structure and constant grammar rules. You see, unlike English with its higgledy-piggledy of exceptions-to-the-rule or Spanish where adjectives change form according to the gender of the noun, Esperanto is a constant language. There is only one way to write nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, tenses, what-have-you.