Twisty Tongue Twisters

I’m participating  in Positively Appealing’s “Tuesday Tongue Twister” tag where she gives out a new theme for a tongue twister on the first Tuesday of each month. Check it out, and tag yours with #ThToTwTu if you participate.

This month’s theme is lemons/lemonade. I slur my words anyway, so I have a problem speaking tongue twisters… but I can make one perhaps!

Life lent me lemons and I laboured ladelling lemonade laden with the lemons life lent laboriously to me.

Can you say it fast 5 times? If you can, I’ve probably failed!

life lent meLEMONSand I laboured ladellingLEMONADEladen with theLEMONSlife lent labouriouslyto me (1).png

What’s your favourite tongue twisty tongue twister? Are you ridiculously good at them or are you like me? Tell me in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Twisty Tongue Twisters

    1. It’s not, but you should know I admire your command of your own tongue! I’ve always been the worst at tongue twisters, perhaps I should try real life twister 😰

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      1. I fail at most Bengali tongue twisters but if it’s in Hindi or English, I seem to do good. And oh you shouldn’t try a real life twister because then you won’t be in Kansas any more 🙂 (not that you are, but..)

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      2. Since I don’t speak Bengali I can’t say about that, but I haven’t heard many in Hindi either! Perhaps the chandu ke chacha one lol. What’s the Kansas reference? 😅


      3. I never really read Wizard of Oz 😂 I caught up with many childhood classics when I was a bit older since we didn’t buy many books when I was a little kid, missed that though!


      4. Oh may be it isn’t in the book. I got that from the original 1939 movie. Dorothy gets swept up in Tornedo and wakes up in Oz. Walks outside and says to her dog,” Toto I’ve a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore”. I skipped childhood classics myself to straight to adult section. But I’m rereading all the comica I missed 🙂

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      5. Oh I haven’t watched that, perhaps I will someday. I read stuff like Alice in Wonderland and all in my mid-teenage years, it’s never too late!


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