Wrong & Touch (Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge) 

Ronovan’s Challenge seems like a nice little challenge, since recently I’ve gotten into writing haikus, so I figured why not! Here goes… Scratches on my hand Blood runs into feline fur –  Belly rubs no more.

Time Management: A Guide

“Time stops for no one”, “life is a race”, etc. etc., we’ve all heard the old adages – but in today’s day and age it is generally regarded as necessary to seize time by the forelock and set it into slow-motion. The only problem is, most people don’t know how to do that! How can…… Continue reading Time Management: A Guide

Fantastical Friday: Trucks and Trucklets

It was a strange sight, that truck drowned in overgrown grass. At least cover it up with some dirt, man. If you’ve got enough time to dig up a hole for a truck, what’s stopping you from covering it up? This was my thought process every time I walked down the street on my way to work, wondering at how lazy someone must be to half-bury a truck.

The morning I shouted “holy moly”, I was thinking the same thing passing by. Was this a millennial who had done this, what with their short attention spans?

And then I shouted, “Holy moly!”

There is no Need

Originally posted on Find Your Middle Ground:
This poem by Steve Taylor really resonates with me and what I stand for in Finding Your Middle Ground. Set aside some time to pause and reflect on these words. Listen for the quiet voice within that already knows that there is no need. ? Photo from guestofaguest.com There’s…

Versatile Blogger Award!

So, I’ve been nominated by this award by Colors of my Life! This is the first award I’ve been nominated for, so thanks so much for the nomination! Rules: Thank the Blogger who nominated you. Nominate 10 other bloggers and inform them about the nomination. List 7 facts about yourself. So, 7 facts huh… Here…… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award!

Sloppy Sunday: Rain and Drunk Cats

It’s Sunday, day of relaxation, and almost on cue it’s rained today after so many sweltering days of heat, and the smell is so refreshing! It was the kind of rain you can only enhoy from the window though – torrential. Still, the weather is pleasant and cloudy, and the smell of the rain is…… Continue reading Sloppy Sunday: Rain and Drunk Cats

Self-Compassion… Or Selective Compassion?

You see, friendship is sympathy and encouragement, and that entails compassion. You can even apply it to that special someone, going by last week’s Self Love theme. Every time a friend or loved one falls, we are there to pick them up and encourage them, so why don’t we do that to ourselves and stop beating ourselves up over every little failure and inability?

Fantastical Friday: A Completely Normal School Report

Our sources say there is nothing in the rulebooks which prohibits us from holding flaming chainsaws to the judges’ necks. We also thanked them and apologised later on for any PTSD they might have from this minor incident, but they only looked at us with shell-shocked eyes. We take it that they received our gratitude well.

Twisty Tongue Twisters

Life lent me lemons and I laboured ladelling lemonade laden with the lemons life lent laboriously to me.

The World of Conlangs: Musical Languages and Constancy

Esperanto was supposed to be a universal second language, uniting people all over the world with it’s simple structure and constant grammar rules. You see, unlike English with its higgledy-piggledy of exceptions-to-the-rule or Spanish where adjectives change form according to the gender of the noun, Esperanto is a constant language. There is only one way to write nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, tenses, what-have-you.